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About Samantha

I discovered hairdressing at a very young age because of my god mother.

After spending all my school break in her hair salon, chatting with customers and playing with my hair dolly, I decided 15 years ago to follow her steps and become a hairstylist as well.  

To achieve a high level of hairdressing, I have been and succeed on different hair competition from hair up to colour and haircut and from classic category to Avant Garde . Frank Nemoz has been my mentor and my best example in my career. And I am so grateful to have been next to him to watch and learn his absolute talent.

After all this year, I am still learning and improving my work to give my customers the best skills and services. Your time and well being is precious so I would do all my best you to give you the best experience with exclusive brand for your colour and quality products for your styling.

After few years my body unfortunately started too react to chemical colour. Rather to stop completely I have been qualified to work with 100% natural and organic colour to be able to continue my passion and to give to my customers the opportunity to discover another way to colour your hair.

I am also passionate with motorbike and fitness, a bit of adrenaline chunky. Life is too short and we need to make the most of it and enjoy every second. I love pushing myself with very positive energy and will be all hear to help you and provided the best look for you !

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